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Current Culinary ConcoctionDiners' Reaction
5, 20, 23, 50, 53, 55, 57, 100, 200, 203, 206, 209The diners eat in silence, perhaps too awed by your concoction to make any remark. But they pay as richly as their purses will allow.
1 - Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet UnpoisonedThe diners eat in silence, teeth crunching, eyes streaming with tears. They require three times the usual quantity of water and wine to wash it away with. No one complains, but the pleasures of the meal leave them looking rather sapped.
7 - Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private DrugThey carefully slip their spoons into the bones, digging out quivering lumps of translucent aspic. Lips smack. Conversation slows. Someone is gently snoring, still holding a glass of lager.
25 - A Tower of Fungal Pâté FlambéThe lights in the dining room are dimmed for effect; some clap merrily as the flames rise from the mountain of pâté. When they abate, the entire thing is coated in a burnished glaze of reduced absinthe; dreamy smiles follow.
103 - Sparkling Solacefruit RoyaleThey watch you approach with the bubbling glasses; their eyes are wide, like very ill patients watching the nurse draw near with their dose. Some of them do try to savour the drink, but every one of them looks sad when the glass is empty.
105 - Solacefruit Champagne SorbetThe diners eat, and wonder, and lick their spoons. Their eyes are full of dreams, the consolation of the other-world that might have been, where they achieved all their aims, and none of their counsels went wrong.
300 - Curatorial CocktailThey stare into the coupe glasses full of dark liquid, watching it sparkle. They sip, and smile. Conversation brightens in the dining room. They are altogether more self-assured, more themselves. Hungrier, but not for food.
400 - Parabolan Taper-nut CakeThe diners eat eagerly. There's a murmur of surprise and recognition. "Isn't there a tea room that serves these?" "No; but there ought to be?" They try to order seconds, but you explain that the trick cannot be repeated on the same evening.



?Languor Level
?a few jaded passengers
??a few travel-worn passengers

Balmoral Diner[edit]

Airs of BalmoralBalmoral Visitor
1-14a man in a kilt
15-24a girl with a pistol tucked in her sash
25-34a young Scotsman
35-49a young Scotswoman
50-74an ageing portrait-painter
75-89a woman in a blue and grey tartan sash
90-100a landscape painter

Factory VIII Diner[edit]

Airs of VIIILocal Worker
1-4a former employee of Mr Pages
5-14a former employee of Mr Fires
15-19a former employee of Mr Apples
21-24a former employee of Mr Veils
25-29a former employee of Mr Cups
30-34a former employee of Mr Mirrors
35-36a former employee of Mr Spices
38-39a former employee of Mr Stones
40-44a former employee of Mr Mirrors
45-49a former employee of Mr Iron
51-59a laboratory worker with stained fingernails
60-67the head porter for the factory
70-79a lab worker who reminds you of an ex-student
80-89a lab worker with a pet rat in her pocket
91-96a balding lab worker
98-100a hirsute lab worker