Share a honey-dream with the Bohemian Sculptress

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From: Under the Statue at Marigold Station

You find her sitting at the edge of the dais of the sculpture. "Your patronage has been very much appreciated. Would you care to indulge me one brief dream?"

Unlocked with Ealing Gardens Commemorative Development, Jericho Locks Commemorative Development, Magistracy of the Evenlode Commemorative Development, Balmoral Commemorative Development, Station VIII Commemorative Development, Burrow-Infra-Mump Commemorative Development, Moulin Commemorative Development, Hurlers Commemorative Development, Marigold Commemorative Development (You unlocked this by building a statue at every single station of the GHR.)

Locked with Amber Vision of the Sea of Spines (You have not yet dreamt this dream.)


A dream of spines

[…] you are sinking. Below: Utter darkness, until your eyes adjust. […] you see […] the silvery tips of the purple spines […]

You snap from the honey-dream in your own bed […] At the foot […] is a thing of protruding spikes, amber, and bone […] it is the Sculptress' work […]

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