Under the Statue at Marigold Station

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The massive bronze monument sits in the middle of a station platform. […] It also gets in the way of the sparse foot traffic.

Description summary:
Part of the description varies based on which statue you have built.

1It memorializes Furnace Ancona and the Tracklayers.
2It memorializes Cornelius and the Tracklayers.
3It memorializes January and the Tracklayers.
4It memorializes the Tracklayers.
10It memorializes the Marigold Devils.
20It memorializes your good self.

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Unlocked with Marigold Commemorative Development

Card drawn in Marigold Station

Occurs with Standard Frequency


Sell surplus Railway Steel to the Moloch Line
Call in favours with the Tracklayer's Union
Sit by your statue
Admire the statue

Have this statue removed (10 FATE)