Smash open your partially enlightened egg (Aged)

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From: Bring Up your Egg

A pickaxe should open this up.

Game Instructions: This will yield the remains of what was inside, but not a living companion. It will refund your ha'penny.

Unlocked with Partially Enlightened Aged Egg

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are against you here (success chance: 40%)


Died in the shell

Whatever was meant to break forth died centuries ago. This egg is long pre- the Fall. Perhaps from before any city was pulled into the Neath.

Redirects to: Bring Up your Egg

Alternative Success

"Good god!"

You may not be an ornithologist, but you can be reasonably certain that a human arm is not the usual thing found in an egg. Is this not, in fact, an egg? Could it be the pellet from some man-eating owl?

Redirects to: Bring Up your Egg


Some kind of prank?

The egg shatters. The contents tumble forth. A full skeleton – neatly folded to fit inside. The legs are tucked to the chest. The arms are folded above the knees. It is missing, however, one key piece.

Redirects to: Bring Up your Egg

Alternative Failure

Not even any meat on it

The egg falls apart to reveal a long, thick bone. An excellent toy to occupy a dog, but not much immediate use to you. You could probably find a buyer. Londoners can find a use for anything.[...]

Redirects to: Bring Up your Egg