Sneak up and cut the straps on the baggage

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From: Dragsman's work

The baggage on the back of the cab is bulging temptingly over the street. You could grab whatever's there and be away in moments!

Challenge information

Broad, Shadowy 3

  • 1 - high-risk (20%)
  • 2 - tough (40%)
  • 3 - chancy (60%)
  • 4 - very modest (80%)
  • 5 - straightforward (100%)



You slice through the straps in one blow and are off down the street with your spoils! What do they have in their bags?


Whoops –

You bring your knife out just as the passenger leans out of the window to berate the cab-driver. You saunter on down the road, using the knife to trim your fingernails.