Speak with your consulting cartographer

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From: Assemble your Partial Maps

The Salty Fabulist says he knows all there is to know about maps. And that's not all he says.

Game Instructions: This will always gain you Puzzling Maps. There may be other effects.

Unlocked with 25 x Partial Map

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 60%)


A tale as tall as the roof

"You know why this city's in such a state? The Masters are trading with the glittering gods on the roof for the bounty of glim. The insides of the spires are coated with the stuff. Now, this map marks the trade routes..."

Rare Success

Truth at last?

"...everything I've ever told you was a lie. Except this. Mr Spices, Mr Iron, the rest, aren't the Masters of the Bazaar. They're its pets."


A different way

"This shows the way to Hell. You thought it was a train that went there? Ha! Devils feast on the bones of the passengers before it's halfway out of the station. No, the real way is under the oily black waves..."