Stop briefly at the island

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From: A Spit of Land

It could be filled with tasty fresh food. And it will be good to stand on solid ground for a little while.

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 50%)


In the garden

The island is wreathed with frost-moths. They cluster around your lanterns, dooming themselves as their wings melt in the heat. It's a garden: fat, inviting mushrooms clump around black-leafed ferns. More moths flutter from the sky: many more. […]

Description summary:
You have no wish to take risks. You grab the nearest mushrooms and run.

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Stay under cover

[…] You instruct your crew to douse the lanterns and hide, but the moths swarm towards you nonetheless. It's not the light they're after, it's you! Their wings are delicate, but very sharp. Sprint back to the ship before you are cut to pieces.

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