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Storylets are one of the two ways in which the player character can interact with Fallen London, the other being Cards. Storylets are found in either the main content area beneath the player's hand of cards (desktop) or in the "Always" tab (mobile).



Most Storylets are location specific, and can only be seen and played in that specific location. These usually represent things a player character might do in that location or a story taking place in that location. A few storylets are Universal and can be seen everywhere in London. These usually represent either seasonal content or Ambition related content.

Action cost[edit]

You can enter a storylet either by clicking on the main icon or the "Go" button. Once you are inside a storylet, the hand of cards will not be visible, and the options you see there will generally consume an action (unless they say otherwise). Entering a storylet from a location will not consume an action despite it saying "Go" and not "Go (0)".

Border colours[edit]

Storylet Classes
Card-Unspecialised.png Card-Ongoing.png Cardsilver.png Card-Premium.png Card-Fancy.png Card-Sinister.png Card-LivingWorld.png Card-SinisterZee.png Card-SinisterAlternate.png Card-Onboarding.png Card-Snow.png
Regular Bronze Silver Gold Purple Black Living Green Dark Green Bloodied Green Deep Blue Snowy

A storylet will have a border with a certain colour dependent on its importance. Most storylets in Fallen London have a white border, which represents a normal storylet. Other colours include:

  • Bronze which means the storylet is a little special - perhaps part of a continuing story.
  • Silver which means storylet is quite special, like Ambition or Seasonal content.
  • Gold which means storylet is something exceptional, often a once-only story or opportunity.
  • Purple are either special in some notable way, or pertain to the story of the Youthful Naturalist.
  • Black storylets are related to Seeking Mr Eaten's Name and are not to be spoken of.
  • Living Green are linked to certain World Qualities, representing worldwide events and happenings.
  • Dark Green: There is only one dark green storylet, and it is part of the Feast of the Zee. There is thus as of yet insufficient data for a meaningful description.
  • Bloodied Green signal undesirable eventualities tied to World Qualities.
  • Deeper Blue are Onboarding storylets, meant to guide new players.
  • Snowy: pertain to the seasonal happenings of Christmas. Tis the season.

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