Stroll in the garden of bones

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From: The Natural History Wing

A whole Jurassic forest's worth of animals have been reconstructed and mounted.



Scientific accuracy is the order of the day. For every skeleton, an extensive label. For every room, a clear theme. Gebrandt's reconstruction of the history of life is rational, comprehensive, and perhaps even mostly correct.


Description summary:
The second paragraph varies based on The Airs of London.

The Airs of LondonDescription
1 - 10You come across a largely-intact skeleton of canis lupus rosa, complete with ossified thorns perforating the bone. Watercolour sketches of the Caducean Hound in bloom adorn the wall alongside it.
12 - 20In this display, illustrative plaster replicas of giant philanges form a wing, arranged in mimicry of flight. The exhibit is coyly labelled "Speculative Representation of Hypothetical Megachiroptera".
21 - 29When compared to some of the more outlandish creations emerging from the Bone Market, this collection of sauropod remains lacks bombast. But these arrangements of bones nevertheless feel... plausible. Feel right.
31 - 40Arranged in stately displays, positioned so that visitors are granted the best view of each specimen's most edifying features, it is easy to overlook these beasts' immense size and power.
41 - 50A plaque above the door names this chamber 'The Anning Displays'. The room is dedicated entirely to Ichthyosauria, long-snouted barrel-chested aquatic hunters. Maps of Surface coastline accompany the skeletons […] Here, Black Ven. There, The Spittles.
51 - 60Some exhibits attract more attention than others. Harried attendants keep watch over the vast titanosaur displays – they are proving a popular climbing target for visiting urchins.
61 - 70A group of scruffy visitors sporting the heavy gloves and overalls of tracklayers are engaged in heated discussion in the Theropod Room. They appear to be taking extensive notes.
71 - 80In this small, less-visited room towards the rear of the Osteology Wing, some optimistic paleaontologist has made a gameful attempt to sort […] Rubbery remains. The exhibits are scant in number, and vary from each other as wildly as a cat from a lime.
81 - 90In this room, one of the great glass display cases stands empty. A label in front of the unoccupied diorama reads 'Hylaeosaurus'. Another visitor leans in […] "I heard someone stole it." The vacant display feels accusatory, like a hole in history.
91 - 100This room is dedicated to the skeletons of present-day zee beasts. Here are suspendended triskelegants and thalattes, the carapaces of aural megalops. The bones take aberrant shapes not seen elsewhere in the museum. Zailors avoid these displays.

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