Suggest a children's puppet show

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From: Enjoy a theatrical entertainment

Your companion will be charmed, won't they?

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are against you here (success chance: 40%)


Dark humour

[…] The children are enthralled, gleefully cheering on the escalating violence. Your companion joins in, shouting encouragement at the hook-nosed murderer, and joining in with his claims that "That's the way to do it!" There are secrets here.

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Rare Success

Dark humour

[…] "That's the way to do it!" They boo the hangman when he appears, yelling the traditional response of, "Jack! Jack! Take up the knife, Jack! Before it takes you up!" in unison with the children. There are secrets here.

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Distasteful, to say the least

The plot is simple. The squeaky-voiced protagonist claims to bring 'Joy, from the Hill', but cheerfully beats all the other characters to death in a series of grisly encounters […] Your companion is more squeamish, however.

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