Take Vengeance on Veils of the Third City

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The Jaguar Blade leaps eagerly in your hand. It becomes a bladed ball, round enough to fly true, keen enough to kill. You will not have to cross to the bank after all.

Unlocked with Armed with the Jaguar Blade - Armed with the Jaguar Blade Wailing with Hunger, Traces of Veils of the Third City exactly 3


The Betrayer

Old sins repeat.

You throw the ball. […] flies towards Veils […] cuts the head from its body.

[…] the head […] lodges in a tree. […] looks as though it has seen an old tormentor. This is not the whole of the reckoning.

[…] It would be best to go.

Description summary:
The Jaguar Blade Wailing with Hunger is ready to take vengeance. It decapitates Veils and its head lodges in the cleft of a tree: a death befitting a Third City hero. But the head knows the reckoning is still unfinished.

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