Tell him about your dreams of weather

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From: Allow Dr Schlomo to Publish your Dreams

Bruised skies, clifftops, mists and thunderstorms.

Unlocked with Having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 5

Challenge information

A matter of luck: It could go either way (success chance: 60%)


"The thunder of reason."

[…]"What is that sound high in the air? The fog of knowledge. The offering in the pillared portico has echoes elsewhere. Aeolus, giving the Winds to Odysseus. The cloud of unknowing. […] You see what I am getting at, yes?"

Well, maybe not […]

Description summary:
Dr Schlomo is confusing but comforting.

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Rare Success

"The thunder of reason."

[…] The victim, buried beneath mountains of granite and centuries of ice, weathered into near-oblivion. There is not even silence in the mountains. Was it even a kind of judgement? I don't know. But I think I am acquainted with someone who will."

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"I see."

From somewhere behind your head, Dr Schlomo listens to your tales. "Yes, yes. The fog of knowledge. The cloud of unknowing. The pathetic fallacy. I must say, your efforts to conceal your acts will do you little good. Better to confess them."

Description summary:
Dr Schlomo believes you pretend ignorance, and encourages you to confess your acts.

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