Favours: The Church

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You've done somebody a good turn. Now, they're in your debt.

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It is impossible to raise this quality beyond the cap 7 under any circumstance. Excess from actions raising the quality is wasted after hitting the cap!

Notable uses[edit]

Source Action Location Cost Reward Value/Notes
Storylets An arrangement with the Vicar-General The Shuttered Palace 1 x Favours 420 x  Foxfire Candle Stub E 4.2
'...I have written to the Bishop of St Fiacre's...' Tomb-Colonies 1 x Favours -6 CP Scandal
Offer a plump vicar The Labyrinth of Tigers 7 x Favours 23 x Tribute Can be exchanged for a E 62.5 item
Call on the help of the Church The Empress' Court 1 x Favours 35 CP Inspired... If Working on...
Cards Take dinner with a Cheerful Curate Altars and Alms-Houses: the Church 1 x Favours ~20 CP Persuasive per favour If 0-30 Persuasive
Take lessons at the Curates' College 3 x Favours If 31-70 Persuasive
Attend a private lecture given by the Bishop of Southwark 5 x Favours If 71+ Persuasive
Make it clear that no one leaves the Game A contact in the Great Game has a tale for you 2 x Favours 2 x Extraordinary Implication
150 x Cryptic Clue
1 CP Someone Is Coming
E 8
Conflict card:
If 5 x Favours and
5 x Favours
Secure the artists' work The kaleidoscopic church 2 x Favours 2 x Sworn Statement
6 x Dubious Testimony
1 CP Someone Is Coming
E 8
Conflict card:
If 5 x Favours and
5 x Favours
Firecrackers in the thurible! Brimstone or frankincense? 2 x Favours 400 x Nevercold Brass Sliver
7 x Tale of Terror!!
1 CP Someone Is Coming
E 7.5
Conflict card:
If 5 x Favours and
5 x Favours
Trade on your academic and theological connections Under the Statue at Jericho Locks 2 x Favours 180 x Nodule of Warm Amber E 18
Statue of Dean
Call in favours from the Church 1 x Favours 4 x Strong-Backed Labour E 10
Statue to Bishop of Southwark
Call in favours from the Church 4 x Favours 2 x Holy Relic of the Thigh of Saint Fiacre E 25
Statue to Bishop of St. Fiacre's
Converse with a few retired scholars 1 x Favours 1000 x Whispered Hint
5 x Expertise of the Second City
E 10
Statue to self
Call in favours from the Church Under the Statue at the Hurlers 4 x Favours 10 x Volume of Collated Research E 25
Feed a vicar to your plant Your plant is singing 1 x Favours 10 x Whispered Hint
1 x Appalling Secret
1 CP Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant
E 0.25
Maybe she has become virtuous Overly alluring? 1 x Favours 200 x Nevercold Brass Sliver
250 x Jade Fragment
E 4.5

The favours can also be used with the Tiny Jewelled Reliquary to increase Renown: The Church.