Testify against your friend

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From: Testifying for a friend

This isn't what your friend wanted you to do. Still, it's what the Judge and the Auditors are going to hear.

Unlocked with Summoned to Testify at a Friend's Divorce [friend]

Your friend needs Requesting a Friend's Testimony [you]

When Sent

You should have warned them

The Glowering Judge's frown deepens as you take the stand. [...] Is your grin telling? The Judge must be unusually perceptive. [...] the tirade you unleash against your acquaintance would cause a lord's hair to turn white. [...]

In Messages Tab

You will receive:

You wouldn't have imagined the Glowering Judge's forehead could hold another wrinkle, but [friend]'s testimony adds one. Your case is strengthened.

Your friend will receive:

Your testimony scandalises the Court. The Glowering Judge turns red. An Auditor from the Ministry of Public Decency breaks her pencil. You have helped your friend's case.