The Bazaar Side-Streets

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A fashionable and ramshackle district containing all of the most useful professional services and functionaries in London [...]. Only those approved, or famous enough to achieve legitimacy in their own right, may walk so close to the Bazaar.

Locked with Route: Bazaar Sidestreets (The gate storylet stops appearing once you gain the route)

Wiki note: This is the entrance gating storylet for access to the Bazaar Side-streets; travel there to see it.
There is no option that is unlocked by A Person of Some Importance -, since this storylet stops appearing entirely before you get that.

Storylet appears in Bazaar Side-Streets


Turn back
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    Locked with A Person of Some Importance -



    Not yet

    Success Instructions: You must complete your journey to becoming a Person of Some Importance to access the Bazaar Side-streets.