The Contrarian's Monochromatic Lantern (20 Chthonic Scrip)

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From: The Shopkeeper's Marquee of Mystification

A marvel of modern engineering that shows the world as bright as day, or as dim as night. The friend of those lost in darkness, and those who find the light too bright.

Game Instructions: The Lantern is a Watchful and Bizarre weapon.

Unlocked with 20 x Chthonic Scrips

Locked with The Contrarian's Monochromatic Lantern


Dual purpose

The metal body of the lantern is varnished black […] the lantern emits either a brilliant radiance, or a shroud of smoky gloom.

"For the Constable who might need to disappear in the shadows," […] "Or the burglar who might need to signal a co-conspirator."

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