The House on Cubit Square

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From: Planning a Heist

Mr Leadbeater is the junior partner in the firm of Stainrod & Leadbeater. But the firm has some of the most lucrative shipbuilding contracts in the Neath. The chirp is that he likes to count his profits at home.

Game Instructions: This is a relatively straightforward heist, likely to garner you a pile of glim.


High walls and barred windows

Probably the odd fierce dog and watchful servant. It should be little obstacle for a thief of your calibre.

Success Instructions: Build up Casing... to gain access to the story. The higher your Casing goes, the more advantages you'll have going in.

  • Furtivehandsmall.png You've begun planning a burglary of the House on Cubit Square. (Sets Planning a Heist: to 1 - The House on Cubit Square, where Mr Leadbeater counts his shipbuilder's Echoes.)
  • Keyhole1small.png Your target is Shuttered: not too secure. (Sets Target Security: to 1 - Shuttered)

Conclusion: ...Mr Leadbeater's Fortune