Planning a Heist:

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What villainy do you have planned?

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Unlocked with


  1. The House on Cubit Square, where Mr Leadbeater counts his shipbuilder's Echoes.
  2. The offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece, where lawyers hoard secrets.
  3. The records office in Concord Square, where the Constables keep their failures
  4. The mansion of the Elusive Countess, where she resides along with her servants.
  5. The Vault of Impounded Contraband in Concord Square
  6. The Circumspect Envoy's townhouse, where the Envoy from Arbor hoards her city's secret
  7. The apartments of an Admiral's Widow, where there is a small cache of Justificandes
  8. The townhouse of a Discerning Deviless, where she keeps her souls
  9. FATE The residence of a Khaganian Dignitary, where naval secrets are kept
  10. The mansion of an Unsympathetic Landlord
  11. The hiding-place of a precious treasure
  12. The Museum of Prelapsarian History