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See On a Heist (Guide)/Cards for a breakdown of the cards you encounter during the heist

This Guide will cover the mechanics behind heists, which are available from the Flit.png Plan a Heist area of The Flit. While on a heist, you draw from a unique deck of opportunity cards and attempt to raise Blackglove.png The Burglar's Progress to at least 5 without reducing Blackcat.png Cat-Like Tread to 0.

Heists are part of the Mask.png A Name Whispered in Darkness section of the Making Your Name storyline, and are also a means of obtaining a variety of useful items, including some that are much more costly or difficult to obtain elsewhere.


Preparing for a heist involves choosing a target, raising Mask.png Casing..., and purchasing advantages (optional).

Choose a target[edit]

You can choose from the available targets at Planning a Heist. Depending on the target, you'll encounter different levels of Keyhole1.png Target Security.

  1. Shuttered - Experienced players may not need extra preparation
  2. Triple-bolted - It's probably a good idea to bring some inside information, just in case.
  3. Well-Guarded - You'll probably want extra preparations as well as better stats
  4. Perilous - Don't do these unprepared

Certain opportunity cards will only appear when the target is a particular security level. Additionally, some targets require Favours or other items in order to attempt. If you're after a specific reward, you'll also want to check the Loot section below.

Available Targets
Target Requires Security
The House on Cubit Square Shuttered
The offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece Triple-Bolted
The Balustraded House in Elderwick Manacles.png 5 x Favours: Criminals Triple-Bolted
The Circumspect Envoy's Townhouse No Paperstack.png Purloined Paperwork Triple-Bolted
Making Your Name: the records office in Concord Square Mask.png A Name Whispered in Darkness exactly 5 Triple-Bolted
The home of an Admiral's Widow Ship.png 3 x Favours: The Docks Well-Guarded
The mansion of an Unsympathetic Landlord Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 100 Well-Guarded
The townhouse of a Discerning Deviless Manacles.png 5 x Favours: Criminals

Discerningdeviless.png A Deviless' Address

The shaded estate on Hemlock Row Safe.png Hiding Place of a Peculiar Item

Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy 200


Build up Casing[edit]

To embark on any heist, you need to build up Mask.png Casing... to at least 5. Building up more Casing will enable you to purchase advantages, which can help you avoid failing the heist or unlock advantageous options.

There are a variety of ways to raise Casing under Preparing for a Big Score, but Casing you raise in other areas can also be applied here. Consult the Casing guide for a full list of sources.

Purchase advantages[edit]

Once you've raised Casing to 5, you can Begin the Heist, which gives you a chance to purchase various advantages. If purchasing any of these options causes your Casing to drop below 5, you'll need to raise it up again before you can actually embark on the heist.

  • Door2.png Purchase Escape Routes (Mask.png 10 CP Casing...): Lets you escape from the heist at any time without getting caught. It can also be spent on the card A Nosy Servant to make Burglar's Progress instead of risking a loss of Cat-Like Tread. You might want to purchase one of these the first time you embark on a heist, just in case.
  • Gossip.png Purchase Inside Information (Mask.png 5 CP Casing...): Unlocks advantageous options on a number of cards. This is a good purchase, and should be enough to finish a job successfully unless you draw very unfortunately.
  • Key.png Purchase a copy of an Intriguing Key (Mask.png 5 CP Casing...): Similar to Inside Information, but currently only useful on the cards An Intricate Lock and A Troublesome Lock (the latter of which also has the option to use Inside Information with the exact same result). It's therefore generally more useful to purchase Inside Information instead.

The Heist[edit]

View all the cards available while On a Heist

During the heist, you will need to raise Blackglove.png The Burglar's Progress to 5 (or 7, if targeting Baseborn & Fowlingpiece and attempting Mr Baseborn's Papers), without losing all 3 of your initial Blackcat.png Cat-Like Tread. You do this by drawing from a unique opportunity deck of non-discardible cards; consult that guide for a full list of available cards and some strategy tips for what to play when.

There are three ways a heist can end:

  • Winning: After acquiring 5 Burglar's Progress, you will draw A Prize Achieved! with ubiquitous frequency. You usually need to draw around two cards until you get it. This and Fleeing will later send you to After the Burglary which removes heist-related qualities and items and gives Sidebarsuspicion.png Suspicion and Sidebarmakingwaves.png Making Waves. Check the page for details.
  • Fleeing: Either by using your Door2.png Escape Route or certain options on cards, you can end the heist without loot but also without...
  • Getting Caught: Without any points of Blackglove.png Cat-Like Tread left all cards and storylets are disabled but one where you try to get Up and away! Here you will get 4 CP to Sidebarsuspicion.png Suspicion or instantly gain Suspicion 9 in an either way luck challenge. This usually means you would go to prison, but you can avoid this by having another player accept already sent requests to cover for you before clicking onwards, and optionally going into your inventory right from the result of the luck challenge and putting on some menace reducing gear. Imprisoned or not, you do not gain anything but infamy.

The Loot[edit]

Options on A Prize Achieved! depend on what place you decided to burgle.

The records office in Concord Square[edit]

Once only, as part of Mask.png A Name Whispered in Darkness

The House on Cubit Square[edit]

The offices of Baseborn & Fowlingpiece[edit]

Note: The estimated odds for a rare success at the Sealed Archive have changed. With the current odds of getting a Searing Enigma apparently around 18.24%, the Sealed Archive version of this heist is worth Icon-echo.png 27.752 on average: (8 x 2.50 x 0.8176) + (62.50 x 0.1824). This is closer to the value for Mr Baseborn's Papers (Icon-echo.png 27) than it has been in the past; therefore, the Sealed Archive is likely to have a better EPA (as it requires less Burglar's Progress).

The Balustraded House in Elderwick[edit]

Both options yield 10 x 0.50 + 25 * 0.10 + 12.50 + 12.50 = Icon-echo.png 32.50.

Option Rewards
Keep her secret. It's only fair. Diamondblue.png 10 x Ostentatious Diamond
Scrap3.png 25 x Surface-Silk Scrap
Diamondred.png 1 x Magnificent Diamond
Scrap6.png 1 x Puzzle-Damask Scrap
Expose her Diamondblue.png 10 x Ostentatious Diamond
Scrap3.png 25 x Surface-Silk Scrap
Baldman.png 1 x Favour in High Places
Scrap6.png 1 x Puzzle-Damask Scrap

The Circumspect Envoy's Townhouse[edit]

Sets Paperstack.png Purloined Paperwork quality to 1, 2, 3 or 4 depending on the chosen option, which can be traded in at After a Heist: The Trade in Secrets for one of several varieties of items, each totaling Icon-echo.png 30 Echoes (or Icon-echo.png 25 Echoes and a Favour):

Option Rewards
Any option Specimen.png 2 x Live Specimen
Map.png 1 x Puzzling Map
Bottledsoulwhite.png 1 x Silent Soul
Options 1-3 Bottlegreen.png 6 x Muscaria Brandy
Flamering.png 1 x Brass Ring
Devil.png 1 x Favours: Hell
Take a collection of scrolls about the Kingdom of Vesture Surmise.png 2 x Vital Intelligence
Guisemale.png 2 x Unprovenanced Artefact
Take a series on the succession laws of Arbor Baldman.png 1 x Favour in High Places
Diamondred.png 1 x Magnificent Diamond
Wake.png 10 x Memory of Distant Shores
Take the vellum book on the Rosers Graffitihiero.png 2 x Presbyterate Passphrase
Baldman.png 1 x Favour in High Places
Surmise.png 1 x Vital Intelligence
Take a set of wax tablets, inscribed with ancient treaties Ancientrifle.png 1 x Ancient Hunting Rifle
Meteors.png 1 x Antique Mystery
Declaim.png 5 x Dubious Testimony
Guisemale.png 1 x Unprovenanced Artefact

The Vault of Impounded Contraband in Concord Square[edit]

The home of an Admiral's Widow[edit]

One Currency1 silver.png Justificande Coin is needed to Buy your way in to your own Lab (along with other requirements) at University.png The University. Certain other endgame content requires them as well. The total sale value of the items for this heist, minus the coins, is Icon-echo.png 25.60 Echoes (though, note that the Legal Documents cost Icon-echo.png 60 apiece in materials to craft them in the Bazaar Sidestreets, so if you actually need the documents for something instead of selling them the value of this heist changes by quite a lot). This Heist requires Ship.png 3 x Favours: The Docks.

The townhouse of a Discerning Deviless, where she keeps her souls[edit]

The mansion of an Unsympathetic Landlord[edit]

The hiding-place of a precious treasure[edit]