The Jack-of-Smiles Case

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1: You’re hunting the notorious Jack-of-Smiles
2: You’re tracking down the only Jack to be taken alive
3: The Reformed Hellraiser remembers nothing of his time as Jack - save for a dull knife
4: Jack's in the knives!
5: The knife is locked with other knives. Where did they come from?
6: The knives aren’t made locally. Perhaps the Clay Puppeteer knows more
9: The knives are angry, alive. Report your findings to the Inspector in Ladybones Road
10: The case continues in Polythreme
11: Hunting Jack in Polythreme!
12: The workshop causes the Jacks. But the blame lies elsewhere. Destroy it, or explore further?
13-14: Ending Jack!
15: To the Honey-Dens!!
16-17: Jack's Secrets!
18: FATE The workshop has been destroyed, the smoky remnants dumped in the zee. Return to the Inspector in London
19: FATE
20: Case Closed!