The Jack-of-Smiles Case

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Unlocked with


  1. You’re hunting the notorious Jack-of-Smiles
  2. You’re tracking down the only Jack to be taken alive
  3. The Reformed Hellraiser remembers nothing of his time as Jack - save for a dull knife
  4. Jack's in the knives!
  5. The knife is locked with other knives. Where did they come from?
  6. The knives aren’t made locally. Perhaps the Clay Puppeteer knows more
  7. [FATE-locked]
  8. [FATE-locked]
  9. The knives are angry, alive. Report your findings to the Inspector in Ladybones Road
  10. The case continues in Polythreme
  11. Hunting Jack in Polythreme!
  12. The workshop causes the Jacks. But the blame lies elsewhere. Destroy it, or explore further?
  13. Ending Jack!
  14. Ending Jack!
  15. To the Honey-Dens!!
  16. Jack's Secrets!
  17. Jack's Secrets!
  18. The workshop has been destroyed, the smoky remnants dumped in the zee. Return to the Inspector in London (FATE)
  19. [Fate-locked]
  20. Case Closed!


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