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From: A Little Chat with the Inspector

"We need to 'ave a natter. About Jack."

Unlocked with On the Velocipede Squad, Watchful 130, Dangerous 130

Locked with The Spinning of the Wheels 10


On the case

The Knuckle-Scarred Inspector picks up the box […] and heaves it over to you. "[…] Jack-of-Smiles is your case now. […] Most likely you'll end up Jack, though. […]"

[…] "[…] workin' on the squad, yer oughta uncover new stuff. […] I reckon there's folks out there 'oo know summat."

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Success Instructions: To progress, build up your Seeking the Next Breakthrough on the Jack Case quality to 4 and then return to Ladybones Road. You can gain this quality by working with the Velocipede Squad or through taking opportunities to train with London's various factions.