The brilliant silk slippers

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From: Mr Stones' Pavilion of Subterranean Delights

The card placed before them reads: 'Recovered beneath the Singing Mandrake. Silk and steel, maker unknown, c. 1790.' Someone with a pencil has hastily added: 'CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING – SHARP EDGES!'

Game Instructions: This item increases Monstrous Anatomy, Dangerous, and Respectable. It goes in your Boots slot.

Unlocked with 30 x Chthonic Scrip

Locked with Elevating Silk Slippers


A perfect fit

The attendant gingerly grasps the slippers by their tongues […]

"Please do be careful when wearing them outside,” […]

These are hard to stand in; one has to walk on the balls of one's feet. Unless […] one is trampling over one's bloodied enemies.

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