The gift of admiration

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From: Give a Gift! A commotion in the Square of Lofty Words

Let your devotion be recognised!

Game Instructions: This will sacrifice some of your Second Chances, transferring them to a friend.

Unlocked with Blackglove.png 2 x Hastily Scrawled Warning Note, Eye.png 2 x Sudden Insight, Fist.png 2 x Hard-Earned Lesson, Confidentsmile.png 2 x Confident Smile

When Sent

It's done

True friendship. Like gold. But tastier.

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] has invited you to accept a gift of admiration

Once Accepted

You will receive:

[Friend's name] has accepted your gift of admiration!

Your friend will receive:

Your gift of admiration from [your name] is here...