The intricate carriage at the centre of the pavillion

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From: Mr Stones' Pavilion of Subterranean Delights

A sign planted before it reads: 'Rolled out of a tunnel beneath the Blind Helmsman of its own accord. Unknown manufacture, presumed recent. Please carefully read the waiver and purchase agreement before placing a bid.'

Game Instructions: This is a Transportation that increases Artisan of the Red Science, Dangerous, and Dreaded.

Unlocked with 50 x Chthonic Scrip

Locked with Horseless, Driverless, Remorseless Carriage


A new friend

"Please stand in front [...]" the attendant says,[...] "Or it will not imprint on you."

You only understand [...] when you walk out [...]following after you like[...]. A two-ton puppy that stops for no one other [...].