Trade (your dish) to the Canny Costermonger

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She has a scheme for a profitable business partnership: of course she does.

Game Instructions: The Costermonger will pass the dish on to other buyers, and repay you in fresh fruits.

Unlocked with Current Culinary Concoction, Canny Costermonger, Culinary Ingredient Value 300


No questions about sourcing

[See table below]

In exchange, she offers you fruit, dew-fresh and perfectly ripe. "More where that came from," she says. "If you have a use for it."

Description summary:
Naturally, the description depends on the dish being served.

Current Culinary ConcoctionCostermonger's Reaction
7, 20-25, 103-105 - (Generic)The Costermonger has a cunning side business in ready-made foods. Provide some, and in trade you can enjoy a steady supply of fresh ingredients.
1 - Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet UnpoisonedShe has a plan to sell it in jars from her cart.
5 - Jet-Black Pickle Relish Dosed with Hillchanger Scorpion VenomShe has a plan to sell it in jars from her cart. She does not have a plan to label the ingredients accurately.
50 - Vibrantly Peppery Fish BrothThis is just the sort of thing she's especially keen to sell: strongly flavoured, distinctive, likely to give Neath-dwellers a new lease of life.
53 - Caducean Zzoup, with Gunpowder and Sickly RoseShe has sniffed it dubiously, quirked an eyebrow at the overtones of rose, but pronounced it saleable.
55 - Shark Bouillabaisse with CroutonsShe has pronounced the broth divine. She will package the croutons separately. "To keep them fresh until the application, of course."
57 - Culinary Tribute to the Sea of SpinesThe Costermonger does ask whether it can be served with the gelatinous bits strained out.
100 - Dark-Dewed Cherry LiqueurThe Costermonger declares this the perfect product. Long-lasting, valuable. "And one in the eye to the Relicker," she adds cryptically.
200 - Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-AppleThe Costermonger tastes it with a tiny spoon. Then she looks curiously at you. Then she tastes it again. "With the right jars, we could ship this as far as the Surface."
203 - Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and VinegarThe Costermonger tastes it with a tiny spoon. The face she makes is comical. It seems she wasn't expecting it to be so sour. But she does think it will sell.
206 - Orange-Apple Jam spiked with Muscaria BrandyThe Costermonger tastes it with a tiny spoon, then laughs with delight.
209 - Marmalade of Parabolan Orange-Apple, Honey, and Roseate AttarThe Costermonger tastes it with a tiny spoon, then draws back and considers it with astonishment. Fruit like this, she's only tasted in dreams.
300 - Curatorial CocktailThe Costermonger tastes it, coughs, and pronounces it rather strong. But she can do something with it. Assuredly she can.
400 - Parabolan Taper-nut CakeThe Costermonger samples it, then announces that she can sell dozens of these, wrapped in wax paper. "Perfect thing for the working person."

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