Transform yourself with Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Vinegar

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From: A Kitchen for Artists or Find a quiet corner to eat your Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Vinegar

Strengthen the most steadfast and grim of your qualities.

Game Instructions: This will increase Steadfast, Austere, and Melancholy quirks if these are between 5 and 12 currently. The higher the quirk already stands, the greater the effect, so this is most advantageously used to refine aspects of your personality that are already pronounced.

Unlocked with Current Culinary Concoction exactly 203 (Sour into a Pickle of Parabolan Orange-apple with Jasmine Notes)


A Preparation Well-Received

The dish is prepared from your own dreams, your own substance. Dining on it, you become more yourself. Don't you?

From the nearest shiny surface, your reflection watches you knowingly.

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