Upgrade your guest room to a Sanctum

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From: The Western Tower: a Guest Room at the Brass Embassy

The Sancta in the roots of the Embassy are fortresses of infernal strategy, well-supplied with listening-tubes and better-heated than any mundane basement. Occasionally, the Embassy will offer them to the very highly-favoured...

Game Instructions: This will cost nine points of Notability, too! However, at certain times of year, there are easier ways to attain this five-card Lodging.

Unlocked with 7 x Favours: Hell, 1 x Key to a Brass Embassy Guest Room, Dreaded 7, 1 x Reported Location of a One-Time Prince of Hell, Notability 9, A Person of Some Importance - : Tier 2

Locked with 1 x An Infernally Diplomatic Privilege


A confidence

You tell your secret to an uncharacteristically solemn assessor-devil […] He rises to shake your hands, and commends you to a saucily smiling deviless. […] "Here's your desk," […] "Just... keep doing what you're doing, will you? […]"

Description summary:
The devils have plans to track down the Princes in hiding. In the meantime, you are shown to a room deep beneath the Embassy where there's a desk: a "little throne" that will bring you everything you need while you continue to please the Bazaar.

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