The Way to Privilege

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From: A Sundered Sea

One wall of the cave is splotched with brass like an infection. A door is set in it. Your key might fit that door.

Game Instructions: Ascend here to upgrade your Brass Embassy Guest-Room to a Sanctum at the cost of eight Taste of Lacre.

Unlocked with 8 x Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre, 3 x Notability, 1 x Key to a Brass Embassy Guest Room, 1 x Your very own Infernal Contract

Locked with 1 x An Infernally Diplomatic Privilege


A stair of shining brass

[…] "We heard the bell ring," she purrs. "Honestly, I had hoped it might be you. Sit down, here. No, the stair runs only one way: that was our agreement. But this desk is yours, now. This little throne. […] Now. Tell us about lacre. If you like."

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