Red-Feathered Pin

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Category: Curiosity (Notable Sources)
0.03 F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture
of Vigour: Half-Full
0.10 F.F. Gebrandt's Superior
0.10 F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture
of Vigour
0.10 Venom-Ruby
0.12 Sapphire
0.20 Gift of Scorn
0.25 Nikolas & Sons Instant
Ablution Absolution
0.50 A Partially Unwrapped Cat?
0.50 Cryptobotanical Rosette
2.00 Horsehead Amulet
2.50 Strong-Backed Labour
6.00 Whirring Contraption
12.50 A Blue and Shining Stone
25.00 Antique Constable's Badge
30.00 Ornate Typewriter
35.00 Red-Feathered Pin
35.00 Tiny Jewelled Reliquary
47.50 Engraved Pewter Tankard
57.50 Old Bone Skeleton Key
(125.00) Trade Secret
(1562.50) Powder of Renewal

A tiny, enamelled pin, the secret signal Revolutionaries use to recognise one another. No, it's not decorative. Decorativeness is bourgeois. Use this to increase your Renown: Revolutionaries quality by spending Favours: Revolutionaries. You can also gain Favours: Revolutionaries with Fate by using the pin.

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It can be purchased from Nikolas Pawnbrokers in the Bazaar and sold to the Bazaar:

Buying 40.00
Selling 35.00 (no message)

It can be purchased from Brass Thistle in The Upper River Exchange and sold to The Upper River Exchange:

Buying 80
Selling 1

It can be purchased from Nightclaw's Paw-Brokers in The Rat Market, but cannot be sold there.

Buying 400

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Wear your Red-Feathered Pin

Long live the Revolution! Death to Mr Fires!



Wear it openly (5 FATE)


Assassinate one of Mr Fires' tug pilots, with a poisoned pin


Plant a pin on a judge


Recruit new blood


Awake a cell of anarchists


Bury the Council's Secrets