Use what you know from its Lackey

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From: A Conversation with Mr Fires

You know it has kidnapped Furnace. You know it's holding her somewhere. And you know enough about the dirigible's habits to make use of that.

Unlocked with Investigating... 4, Leader of the Tracklayers 3-4 or Leader of the Tracklayers exactly 0 and Following up Rumours of Cornelius 0-9

Locked with Furnace's Fate Revealed


The schedule memorised

You […] conceal yourself at the back of the cabin, where Mr Fires does not go. "Makes its servants ride in there, if it brings any with it," the lackey explained. […]

So it is in this spot that you hide and wait for the dirigible to take off.


Description summary:
You concealed yourself in a small cabin of Fires' dirigible, hitchhiking your way towards the Hillchanger Tower.

The end of the last paragraph describes Station VIII based on its Darkness level.

Station VIII: DarknessDescription
0 - 2Its excessive illumination means you know exactly where you're headed: a little north, a little west, but chiefly up.
3 - 4It is lit brightly enough to continue to serve as a beacon, showing your bearings, for quite some time, as you head slightly northwest and very much upwards.
5It is lit brightly enough to continue to serve as a beacon for a little while, but it is occluded by mist and darkness long before you finish your rise to the ceiling.
6 - 7It is so dark that you soon lose sight of it, and cannot use it to take your bearings.

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