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Working on a guide to Ealing Gardens, targeted at players who've just built their first station.

What's different in the Hinterlands?[edit]

Since Ealing is the first station on the Railway, this will be your first exposure to the Hinterlands. Most things here work the same as they do in London, but there are a few key differences.

  • Your Opportunity Cards are drawn from a different deck. Some cards (like A Disillusioned Fungiculturalist) can be drawn in any Hinterlands location, while others (like Engage in Excavation) can only be drawn at a single station. These cards are still kept in your hand when you visit a different station, though.
  • The Bazaar is unavailable here. Instead, the Bazaar tab will give you access to the Upper River Exchange.
    • Most of the shops in the Upper River Exchange don't take Echoes. Rather, they require payment in Hinterland Scrip (1 Scrip is worth approximately 0.5E). You can easily exchange Scrip for Echoes by buying Tinned Ham for 125 Scrip each and selling for 63.5E, but going the other way is harder.
  • Each time you travel to or from a Hinterlands area, you have to spend 1 action to board the train - you can't travel about freely like you can in London.

Things to do in Ealing[edit]

Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Ealing Gardens Branch[edit]

The main purpose of this storylet is to let you build and upgrade various developments in Ealing. The first development you buy costs 50 Hinterland Scrip, while each further development costs 50 more (cumulatively: the second costs 100, the third 150 and so on). This is the same in all stations, though the selection of development will be different in each location.

Table of Ealing Gardens developments[edit]

Development Additional costs/requirements Effects/Notes
Coingoldsmall.png Commercial District
  • Can be built three times.
  • Grants access to the Butcher's Shop.
  • Further upgrades cause him to offer more services.
Electionvirginiasmall.png Virginia's Spa
Angelclosesmall.png Statues Each statue has a different requirement.
Neathroofsmall.png Watchtower
  • Allows you to reduce Darkness.
  • When initially built:

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