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Find below a proof-of-concept-of-sorts for building an action result overview table by scraping the action's pages for the relevant data instead of duplicating it.

Much of the code action-side (example page: User:Achris/TransclusionTest) could be greatly simplified by moving the magic bits and pieces into the {{Action}} template.

With DPL] enabled around here (which would be pretty cool, but an admin needs to contact wikia staff for that, and they hate side-wide DPL usage for performance reasons), section transclusion gets much easier to handle and more advanced information manipulation becomes possible.

If you know a way of replacing plain, unparsed transclusion text (e.g. to convert {{i}} to {{IL}}, but there are many more such substitutions necessary to end up with a nice format) — please message me! I kind of need a good (read: better than what I have now) way of approaching this conversion, else this project most likely isn't going anywhere for a long while.

To-do list:

  • {{IL}} for challenge difficulty (also check custom ones like Narrow from their own parameter)
    • unlock/lock will be handled in action sources, not here
  • convert parentheses to {{IL}} notation
    • quality reset, level changes, normal challenge increase (don't show) vs bonus CP?
    • failing this, toss inclusion result through huge chains of String:replace (20+ recursions, or with lua expression perhaps it can be 6~8)
  • get rid of huge spacing caused by ; usage in alternate/rare success "headings"
  • are there alternate failures and rare failures?
    • what to do about failure-free options, possibly with alt. or rare success?


 Spoiler  Show results  Challenge difficulty Unlocked with Locked with
User:Achris/TransclusionTest Find the printing press User:Achris/TransclusionTest User:Achris/TransclusionTest User:Achris/TransclusionTest User:Achris/TransclusionTest
Success Failure