Max Equipment Bonuses

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This guide is meant to help identify the best equipment in each slot for providing particular stat bonuses (a.k.a. best-in-slot, or BiS). It also lists equipment for reducing (or increasing) Menaces, and equipment with more specialized effects.

The guide is divided into three main sections:

  • Best-in-Slot Calculator — For a chosen stat, displays the item(s) providing the highest bonus in each equipment slot. Stats include the four main attributes (Watchful, Shadowy, Dangerous, Persuasive), Reputation attributes/BDR (Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable), and the Advanced Stats. The calculator can also exclude certain types of equipment, such as Ambition-specific items or ones only available by spending Fate.
  • Menace Equipment — These items can reduce or increase Menace qualities, such as Nightmares.
  • Special Equipment — Items boosting more uncommon qualities, such as those used in Knife and Candle; and items conferring qualities like Caprine Authority: that make special cards or options available.

Best-in-Slot Calculator[edit]

Choose a stat to optimize, and optionally exclude certain item types from the results.

 template = BestInSlot
 form = BiSCalc
 result = BiSCalcResult
 param = Quality|Quality||select|Dangerous,Persuasive,Shadowy,Watchful,Bizarre,Dreaded,Respectable,BDR,A Player of Chess,Artisan of the Red Science,Glasswork,Kataleptic Toxicology,Mithridacy,Monstrous Anatomy,Shapeling Arts,Steward of the Discordance,Neathproofed,Zeefaring
 param = Fate|Include Fate Items?|no|toggleswitch|yes,no
 param = Mood|Include Moods?|no|toggleswitch|yes,no
 param = Seasonal|Include Seasonal Items?|no|toggleswitch|yes,no
 param = Faction|Include Faction Items?|no|toggleswitch|yes,no
 param = Profession|Include Profession Items|none|select|all,none,Campaigner,Mystic,Silverer,Enforcer,Murderer,Licentiate,Journalist,Author,Correspondent,Rat-Catcher,Stalker,Monster-Hunter,Trickster,Conjurer,Crooked-Cross,Watcher,Agent,Midnighter
 param = Ambition|Include Ambition Items|none|select|all,none,Nemesis,Bag a Legend!,Heart's Desire!,Light Fingers!
 param = SMEN|Include SMEN Items?|no|toggleswitch|yes,no
 param = Retired|Include Retired Items?|no|toggleswitch|yes,no
Calculator loading...

Menace Equipment[edit]

These items affect Menace qualities—either by reducing them (to keep you out of a Menace area like the Mirror-Marches, or get you out faster), or by increasing them. Refer to the Menaces guide for more information on managing your Menaces.

Equipment's Name Special Bonus Equipment Slot

Special Equipment[edit]

These items confer qualities that allow you to draw special opportunity cards (e.g., Noticed by the Merry Captain).

Equipment Name Special bonuses Equipment Slot
Birth-Name of a New Power Aeolian Sensitivity Hat
Radiant-Crowned +1 Hat
Demon-Horned +1 Hat
Captured by Innocence +1 Hat
Sebastian the Nocturnal Smotherer Cat Upon Your Person +1 Hat
Shattered Mask Delighted +1 Hat
Moth-Winged +1 Hat
Your Own Severed Head St Gawain's Candle +1 Hat
Calliope the Yowler Cat Upon Your Person +1 Clothing
Protective Labcoat Research Preparations +6 Clothing
Chirurgical Touch +1 Gloves
Benvolio the Bacon Thief Cat Upon Your Person +1 Gloves
Freya, Scourge of Fragile Ornaments Cat Upon Your Person +1 Weapons
Gustav the Ankle Weaver Cat Upon Your Person +1 Boots
Caprine Authority: +1, 2, 3 Companion
Weasel of Woe Woeful +1 Companion
Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm In the Company of a Hellworm +1 Companion
Your Brother, Returned Visiting your Risen Brother +1 Treasure
Your Daughter, Returned Visiting your Risen Daughter +1 Treasure
Your Lover, Returned Visiting your Risen Lover +1 Treasure
Your Spouse, Returned Visiting your Risen Spouse +1 Treasure
Cross of Southwark Well known at Southwark Cathedral +1 Affiliation
Inducted into the Inverted Stalactite Society Witnessed by the Silent Shame +1 Affiliation
The Iron Correspondents A Member of the Pen-Bearers +1 Affiliation
Lowell's Locks and Cages Appointment at Lowell's +1 Affiliation
A Member of the Crew of the St Elmo Noticed by the Merry Captain +1 Affiliation
A Member of the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed Noticed by the Queen of Air and Darkness +1 Affiliation
A Seat at the Bishop's Table Noticed by the Saturnine Duke +1 Affiliation
The Thief-Oath of Tristram Bagley Visiting Tristram Bagley +1 Affiliation
Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm, Saddled and Bridled In the Company of a Hellworm +1 Transport