Max Equipment Bonuses

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This guide is meant to help identify the best equipment in each slot for providing particular stat bonuses (a.k.a. best-in-slot, or BiS). It also lists equipment for reducing (or increasing) Menaces, and equipment with more specialized effects.

The guide is divided into three main sections:

  • Best-in-Slot Calculator — For a chosen stat, displays the item(s) providing the highest bonus in each equipment slot. Stats include the four main attributes (Watchful, Shadowy, Dangerous, Persuasive), Reputation attributes/BDR (Bizarre, Dreaded, Respectable), and the Advanced Stats. The calculator can also exclude certain types of equipment, such as Ambition-specific items or ones only available by spending Fate.
  • Menace Equipment — These items can reduce or increase Menace qualities, such as Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares.
  • Special Equipment — Items boosting more uncommon qualities, such as those used in Knife and Candle; and items conferring qualities like Overgoat.png Caprine Authority that make special cards or options available.

Best-in-Slot Calculator[edit]

Choose a stat to optimize, and optionally exclude certain item types from the results.

 template = BestInSlot
 form = BiSCalc
 result = BiSCalcResult
 param = Quality|Quality||select|Dangerous,Persuasive,Shadowy,Watchful,Bizarre,Dreaded,Respectable,BDR,A Player of Chess,Artisan of the Red Science,Glasswork,Kataleptic Toxicology,Mithridacy,Monstrous Anatomy,Shapeling Arts,Steward of the Discordance,Neathproofed,Zeefaring
 param = Fate|Include Fate Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Mood|Include Moods|no|select|yes,no
 param = Seasonal|Include Seasonal Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Faction|Include Faction Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Profession|Include Profession Items|none|select|all,none,Campaigner,Mystic,Silverer,Enforcer,Murderer,Licentiate,Journalist,Author,Correspondent,Rat-Catcher,Stalker,Monster-Hunter,Trickster,Conjurer,Crooked-Cross,Watcher,Agent,Midnighter
 param = Ambition|Include Ambition Items|none|select|all,none,Nemesis,Bag a Legend!,Heart's Desire!,Light Fingers!
 param = SMEN|Include SMEN Items|no|select|yes,no
 param = Retired|Include Retired Items|no|select|yes,no
Calculator loading...

Menace Equipment[edit]

These items affect Menace qualities—either by reducing them (to keep you out of a Menace area like the Mirror-Marches, or get you out faster), or by increasing them. Refer to the Menaces guide for more information on managing your Menaces.

Equipment's Name Special Bonus Equipment Slot
Modebonnet.png Modish Bonnet Sidebarscandal.png Scandal +1 Hat
Piratehat.png Pirate Hat Sidebarsuspicion.png Suspicion +1 Hat
Divinghelmet.png Tracklayer's Helmet Sidebarwounds.png Wounds -1 Hat
Mushroomhat.png Sporing Bonnet

Trebleclef.png Song Stuck in Your Head

Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares +1 Hat
Soberdresssmall.png Sober Dress

Workclothessmall.png Set of Workman's Clothes

Sidebarsuspicion.png Suspicion -1 Clothing
Barrel.png Barrel with Leather Shoulder-Straps Sidebarscandal.png Scandal +1 Clothing
Stockingsfake.png Pair of Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin Sidebarscandal.png Scandal +1 Boots
Canebling.png Bejewelled Cane Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares -1 Weapon
Fish gold.png Cheerful Goldfish

Albatross.png Storm-bird

Cryptographicchiropteran.png Cryptographic Chiropteran

Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares -1 Companion
Albatross2.png Focused Albatross

Maskamber.png Masked Former Priest

Sidebarnightmares.png Nightmares +1 Companion
Rat.png Talkative Rattus Faber Owl.png Watchful, Fox.png Persuasive, Sidebarshadowy.png Shadowy, Bear.png Dangerous -25 Companion

Special Equipment[edit]

These items confer qualities that allow you to draw special opportunity cards (e.g., Lordship.png Noticed by the Merry Captain).

Equipment Name Special bonuses Equipment Slot
Overgoat.png Overgoat

Ubergoat.png Übergoat Heptagoat.png Heptagoat

Overgoat.png Caprine Authority +1,2,3 Companion
Eaterofnames.png Your Very Own Miniature Hellworm Eaterofnames.png In the Company of a Hellworm +1 Companion
Keyhole1.png Lowell's Locks and Cages Deviless wistful.png Appointment at Lowell's +1 Affiliation
Crosssilver.png Cross of Southwark Crosssilver.png Well known at Southwark Cathedral +1 Affiliation
Lordship.png A Member of the Crew of the St Elmo Lordship.png Noticed by the Merry Captain +1 Affiliation
Bishopofstfiacres.png A Seat at the Bishop's Table Bishopofstfiacres.png Noticed by the Saturnine Duke +1 Affiliation
Bloodhand.png A Member of the Order of Those Who Will Not Be Caught Red-Handed Bloodhand.png Noticed by the Queen of Air and Darkness +1 Affiliation