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For Users[edit]

The reading experience is becoming more consistent and easier to read, but nothing should change about how they interact with the site.

For Power Users[edit]

If they are used to navigating directly to Sources categories (e.g. Category:Piece of Rostygold Sources), they should start getting used to going to the Gain categories (e.g. Category:Piece of Rostygold Gain) for all items and qualities. Pre-existing Sources categories redirect go Gain categories, but moving forward only Gain categories will be created.

For Editors[edit]

The major points:

  1. Discrete parameters are no longer necessary for any template.
  2. When adding a new Item named ITEMNAME, {{Item Sources}} should be added at [[Category:ITEMNAME Gain]] instead of [[Category:ITEMNAME Sources]]. The Item template points to the correct category to create, so this should not require a change of behaviour on the part of most editors.
  3. {{Gain}}, {{Item Gain}}, {{Increase}}, {{Drop}}, and {{Item Loss}} now support a message parameter for when a quality change shows a unique or unusual message. It can be used in conjunction with the now parameter directly setting a value or with the second positional parameter for a normal increase/decrease.
    *{{Gain|Transformed by Stairs|message=THE STAIRS HAVE YOU NOW|now=10}}
  4. {{Gain}}, {{Item Gain}}, {{Increase}}, {{Drop}}, {{Item Loss}}, {{Gone}}, {{Unlock}}, {{Airs}}, and {{Progress Reset}} now support a hidden parameter to mark a quality change or requirement as hidden.
    *{{Gain|Possessing an Egg|hidden=yes|1 x}}
  5. {{Unlock}} is somewhat limited in that
    {{Unlock|Opening Balmoral|hidden=yes}} exactly 3
    Opening Balmoral (hidden) exactly 3
    In such cases, the {{hidden}} template should be used directly,
    {{Unlock|Opening Balmoral}} exactly 3 {{hidden}}
    giving the expected
    Opening Balmoral exactly 3 (hidden)
  6. The {{Loss}} template should rarely be necessary anymore, as the message parameter should usually allow the use of a more appropriate template.