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A list of Qualities & Items I've found where the names on the wiki do not match the name used in-game and should be fixed accordingly. (This does not include cases such as A Person of Some Importance—which is technically called "A Person of Some Importance -"—where our non-canonical form may be preferable for a variety of reasons.)

Our Name Inbounds Canonical Name
A Memory of Discordance Inbounds Memory of Discordance
A visitor to the Clay Quarters Inbounds A Visitor to the Clay Quarters
Acquaintance: Regretful Soldier Inbounds Acquaintance: the Regretful Soldier
Acquaintance: a Repentant Forger Inbounds Acquaintance: the Repentant Forger
Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer Inbounds Acquaintance: the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer
An agent of the Cheesemonger Inbounds An Agent of the Cheesemonger
Cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship Inbounds Cultivating an Acquaintance with His Amused Lordship
Daguerreotype With Fading Music-Hall Singer's Address Inbounds Daguerreotype with Fading Music-Hall Singer's Address
Debonair Paleontologist Inbounds Debonair Palaeontologist
In contact with a Long-Lost Daughter Inbounds In Contact with a Long-Lost Daughter
Note about a 'Package' Inbounds Collection Note: There's a 'Package' in London
Occasionally seen at Mr Wines' Revels Inbounds Occasionally Seen at Mr Wines' Revels
Pendant of Helicon Amber Inbounds A Pendant of Helicon Amber
Route: the Cave of the Nadir Inbounds Route: The Cave of the Nadir
Someone is Coming Inbounds Someone Is Coming
Teaching Reputation of your Laboratory Inbounds Teaching Reputation of Your Laboratory
Venom-ruby Inbounds Venom-Ruby
Very Lenient Judge Inbounds A Very Lenient Judge
Villainy: Area-diving Inbounds Villainy: Area-Diving
Villainy: Stealing paintings for the Topsy King Inbounds Villainy: Stealing Paintings for the Topsy King