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Pen, ink, blotter all at the ready.

Papers5small.png Choose a new Profession[edit]

"Dear Sir - it is with profound and utter sorrow that I must beg to inform you..." Too much? [This will remove your current Profession, allowing you to choose a new one. It will also remove the unique item your Profession provides.]

Unlocked with a Profession


Stamped and sent

You rise from the writing-desk free from care... and you have a few stories you may tell, now that professional confidence no longer forbids it. [You may now adopt another Profession, when you find one.]

  • Exclamationsmall.png [If your ex-profession gave you an unique item, it is now removed.]

Envelopesmall.png Arrange a meeting with your contacts[edit]

Action Cost: 0

If they won't come to you, you must go to them. [This will allow you to draw a Connected card of your choice immediately, without waiting for it to show up.]


Signed and sealed

"...convenient to call at around four o'clock?" Click ONWARD to choose who you're meeting.

Papers5small.png Write a letter to another player[edit]

[This simply allows you to send a custom message to them. There are currently no in-game effects, except the cost of postage.]

Unlocked with 50 x Piece of Rostygold

When Sent[edit]

Signed and sealed

And delivered, one hopes. But postmen are so often lost, betrayed or devoured.

Your friend will receive:

You have received a letter from [Actor]. "[message]"

Once Accepted[edit]

You have sent a letter to [Actor].

Your friend will receive:


Bazaarsmall.png Arrange Favourable Circumstances[edit]

Sometimes, Fate needs a nudge. [This will purchase a point of Favourable Circumstances, which can be used to draw some Opportunity Cards early. See other branches on this storylet for examples.]

This branch costs 5 Fate to play.

Unlocked with 5 Fate

No reward information available for fate-locked actions.

Boho8small.png Urge haste from your contacts[edit]

[This will draw the card you need to advance to the next step of the Secular Missionary story.

Unlocked with 1 x Favourable Circumstance, Intimate with a Secular Missionary 7-9

No reward information available for fate-locked actions.

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