Duelling the Masked Corsair (On Godfall)

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Description summary:
The description and the title changes as you advance the story. A part of the initially seen description, detailing how the Corsair deals with the citadel's defenders, also varies with the Evolution Content Toggle.

Associating with a Youthful NaturalistTitleDescription
270 - 271Duelling the Masked CorsairShe comes through a rift in the cavern wall that opens to the zee. The Wax-Wind's torrents part to let her pass […] The last time you crossed blades with the Masked Corsair, her ship […] was ablaze. This time, you won't escape so easily. Neither will she.
272Wrestling the Masked CorsairEven with his anatomical advantages, the Abbot-Commander struggles to keep the Masked Corsair pinned. There are arms everywhere. […] That blood, however, is definitely his, and those teeth are definitely hers. He screams as she bites down deeper.
Evolution Content ToggleDescription
0She cuts them down, carving excess limbs and gouging excess eyes.
1She cuts them down without hesitation.

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Unlocked with Associating with a Youthful Naturalist 270-274, Evolution Content Toggle (optional)

Locked with Besieged by Wax

Storylet appears in The Shattered Citadel

This storylet autofires once all the prerequisites are met.

You cannot leave this storylet without playing any branches.


Practise some evasive manoeuvres
Lend yet another hand to the fight