(Carefully) read a flame-proof missive

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From: Read incoming mail

Set aside an evening for it. Keep a bowl of cold water and some towels handy.

Game Instructions: This will increase your Dangerous and Watchful. It will also hurt, and increase your Scholar of the Correspondence quality by an uncertain amount, as long as your unmodified Watchful is high enough. The lower your A Scholar of the Correspondence quality, the more effective this is at raising it. It will consume the Missive.

Unlocked with 1 x Flame-proof Missive (Compile notes on the Correspondence), A Scholar of the Correspondence



It's slow work, reading and transcribing. You manage to get out with most of your eyebrows still intact.

Wiki note: You only gain SotC if your base Watchful is strictly greater than 10 times your current SotC level.

Mired in Mail2–456789≥10
D and W CP[1]70696342211514
  1. Assumes level 69+. Lower levels gain less CP