A Flash Lay: Up your Sleeve

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Spend this on various benefits during a Flash Lay.

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It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

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Card Branch Requires Challenge/

Venture Challenge Level[1]

Success Failure
A Mysterious Stranger Pick their pocket Fox.png 25 Magician.png +2 Sidebarsuspicion.png +1 Sidebarscandal.png +1
Ear to the Ground Plant a scandalous rumour about your mark Quirksteadfast.png 4 Automatic Magician.png +2 Quirksteadfast.png -1

Quirkruthless.png +1

Treat the staff as equals Sidebarsuspicion.png < 6 Sidebarshadowy.png 25 Magician.png +3 Sidebarsuspicion.png +2 Sidebarsuspicion.png +2
Earn the favour of the Efficient Chef Fox.png 25 Magician.png +2 Sidebarscandal.png +2
Keeping Up Appearances Open your heart Fox.png 25 Magician.png +2 Magician.png +2 Sidebarscandal.png +4
Bring in an accomplice Sidebarshadowy.png 25 Magician.png +2 Sidebarsuspicion.png +2
Make your Move: a Confessional Evening Bide your time Fox.png 25 Magician.png +3 Sidebarscandal.png +2
Obstacle: an Awkward Friend Bring your Friend to a meeting Automatic Magician.png +1 Sidebarscandal.png +2
Use your Awkward Friend to distract a Constable Automatic Magician.png +1 Sidebarsuspicion.png +2