A Nosy Art-Historian

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One day, a Notorious Art-Historian appears. Famous in all the worst circles, her discernment is matched only by her disdain for the provinces. Nothing outside London is […] good enough for her reviews. The Delightful Reverend gives you a worried look...

Description summary:
The first paragraph depends on your Church: Style quality.

Church: StyleFirst paragraph
2Tales of the splendour of your Church at Burrow have spread as far as London. The opulence of its interior, the quality of its collection of artworks, the breadth of its reliquaries, all invites wonder and febrile speculation.
3Tales of the 'unique and rare contents' of your Church at Burrow have spread as far as London. The horror of its interior, the inexplicableness of the choir, the monstrosities in the nave, all have been the cause of alarm and speculation.

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Unlocked with In Burrow, A Church in the Wild 20, Church: Style 2-3, Airs of Burrow no more than 50 (hidden), An Event Waits! (hidden)

Locked with Event: Art Historian

Wiki note: Apparently appears as an autofire with Church: Style 2 and as an opportunity card with 3.

Card drawn in Burrow-Infra-Mump

Occurs with Standard Frequency


Let her do her worst
Employ your charm
Deploy Sister Lydia