A Strong Box

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The Masters' wealth is beyond measure, they say. They keep most of it in hidden vaults, but they must sometimes move money around the city.

Unlocked with A Power in Waiting -, A Boxful of Intrigue 10-12

Locked with A Turncoat 4

Storylet appears in Spite



Tell your larcenous colleagues when the strong-box will be moved

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    Challenge information

    Broad, Shadowy 130 || 89 - very chancy (41%) || 111 - chancy (51%) || 133 - modest (61%) || 154 - very modest (71%) || 176 - low-risk (81%) || 198 - straightforward (91%) || 217 - straightforward (100%)


    A mixed bag

    If your A Power in Waiting - quality is The Conscience of Empire:

    If your A Power in Waiting - quality is A Guardian of the Realm:


    Not reflecting well on you


Tell the gentlemen in blue about any plans for robbery you hear about