A hidden camp nestled in the woods of Balmoral

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A player-created Guide is available for this content: The Tale of the Clay Highwayman (Guide)
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Unlocked with Captured by the Clay Highwayman!

Neither the Bazaar nor any other market is accessible in this location.


As a Hostage[edit]

After encountering an event that is triggered by having Seeing Banditry in the Upper River at level 8 or higher, you are kidnapped and held against your will. You start with 8 x Waiting on a Ransom, and will be automatically kicked out when that expires. You should try to raise The Tale of the Clay Highwayman to 3 before that happens, which can be accomplished with either Investigating... or Fascinating....



The first three cards only appear when held as a hostage. The latter two remain.

As a "Hostage"[edit]

Your character may return to the camp by pretending to be kidnapped, in exchange for a cut of the ransom. The mechanics are the same as when your character was kidnapped for the first time, but with additional reward for you.

This option disappears after returning as a Marauder.

As a Marauder[edit]

One way of returning to the Clay Highwayman's hideout is to join the Clay Highwayman's gang, with an assumed identity. This replaces all of the storylets and several of the cards, and allows you to advance The Tale of the Clay Highwayman (see the Guide for details). You are able to enter and leave at the cost of an action.



The first two cards may also be drawn while kidnapped, although some options are different.

The Larceny cards all have four options that follow a pattern, described below. Note that Larceny cards are non-discardable, and you will have to engage in criminal activity to free space in your hand.

Larceny rewards[edit]