Accept the contents of a small cocoon

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From: Propose a Pertinent Point

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Description summary:
The description varies based on your Debate Angle.

Debate AngleDescription
1"They and their ideas are antiquated." The touch of the iridescent spider walking up your arm is soft, an almost-intangible tingling. "But you understand." It points to a small bundle, a gift for your comradeship.
2A bulging cocoon swings at eye-height on a thick silk thread. The aged titan peers down at you. "For a friend in arms."
3"Contents: long dead, dead, or never living. Take it." The officious spider's urgency is more secretarial than professorial. "For your work."

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Game Instructions: This will give you two Unprovenanced Artefacts, as well as sundry items.

Unlocked with Chelicerae Clicked in Applause 110


An indiscriminate collection

This cocoon is fresh. There is a stickiness to the strands as you unwind them. The rat that rolls free is only recently dead. Was it meant to be in here? – is this a collection of the dead or dying? Or was its inclusion merely misfortune?


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