Adopt a Training Profession

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You can improve your beginning skills with a Training Profession.

Game Instructions: Once you're more skilled, consider a more profitable Profession: you can find better ones on Connected cards.

Unlocked with Profession: None

Locked with Obscurity 2 (hidden), Tutorial: Social Engagements Unlocks 3 (hidden)

Storylet appears in Your Social Engagements


Become a Tough
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Profession: None



    You are a Tough

    • Fistsmall.png You are now a Tough.
    • Clocksmall.png Every real-time week, wounds and other ills will decrease, and the public's memory of you will fade. (Activates the Living story Time, the Healer; this message is not displayed.)

    Wiki note: This is a training profession which will increase your Dangerous every week, until you're ready for something fiercer... Time, the Healer brings your professional reward.

Become a Minor Poet
Become a Pickpocket
Become an Enquirer