An Upturned Cart

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The streets are not as stable as they used to be […] and every so often a horse will bolt […] This cart of food and equipment headed for one of the dig sites has been left with no horse, and just a desperate driver begging for the generosity of passers-by.

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Unlocked with Total Feeding Done during the Grand Clearing-Out is 2000000 (World Quality, now available), Involved in Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out

Locked with Number of Unveiled Dig Sites is 5 (World Quality, now locked)

Card drawn in Fallen London

Occurs with Ubiquitous Frequency (10 x as common as Standard)


Take a crate of tools to Moloch Street
Wolfstackdocks port.png
Take a crate of peppercaps to the Blind Helmsman
Take a crate of pies to the Singing Mandrake
Take a crate of tea to the University
Take a crate of biscuits to Spite