Ask a Confidential Friend to chaperone

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From: Arranging a chaperoned evening

She is always willing to listen; nothing seems to surprise her.

Game Instructions: This will grant you Confident Smiles and Hard-Earned Lessons.

When Sent

A keen eye

"I've seen it all," she tells your sweetheart, in the middle of a handshake she will not allow to end. […] She winks at you […]

[…] Every now and then, she'll offer a comment that could be interpreted to be filthy enough to make Sinning Jenny blush.

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In Messages Tab

You will receive:

Your Confidential Friend chaperoned your date with [friend].

Your friend will receive:

[Your name] had their Confidential Friend chaperone your evening together. She seemed to like the pair of you. Her comments were surely intended as encouragement.