Attract a companion for the rest of the evening

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From: The Prussian Salon

The possibility has been palpable all evening – even when you were not in the same room. A laugh heard through a doorway. A glance across a plate of mushrooms.

Game Instructions: This will always pay in accordance with the value of your Fascinating..., and reduce Nightmares in proportion to your Fitting in at Helicon House. This will end your evening here.

Unlocked with Door.png Fitting in at Helicon House 5, Roseyellow.png Fascinating... 20

Locked with Envelope.png Helicon House Companion


You, you, you…

Their lodgings are unobtrusive from the outside, but inside, thick with velvet and well-trimmed candles. They offer a number of experiences, some new even to you – taking both acceptance and refusal with unruffled good will.…


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