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Now, with the threads interwoven, you see the tapestry's pattern yourself. All the days roll away to reveal the skeleton beneath Time's skin. [...] Forked tongues [...] (with the prisoner's honey still sweet on your own tongue). [...] Glittering ruby eyes.

Unlocked with various redirects from All the Cards on the Table

Storylet appears in the Approach to the Mountain and in a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river and in Hunter's Keep


Gaze into the ruby eyes
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    Knowledge of the Crossroads

    Success Instructions: Congratulations! With your assistance, the Youthful Naturalist has achieved his Ambition – and you have reaped the knowledge to shape Destiny itself. The Dilmun Club still awaits your final report in London, but your Iremi fate-weaving has only just begun.

    When you approach the Seven-Serpent, the future will open to you.