Time Passing at Hunter's Keep (Guide)

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Hunter's Keep is located in Home Waters. It can be zailed to immediately upon obtaining a ship. The challenges are Persuasive and Watchful 110–125, plus a single Dangerous 120 option.


All actions on the island are part of a carousel, which uses Time Passing in the Southern Archipelago as a progress quality. The main object of the carousel is the Stone Tentacle-Key, which is needed for two of the Ambitions (Heart's Desire and Nemesis) and in Evolution. To obtain it, you will need to go through the carousel twice: the first time culminates in raising Hunter's Insight, which unlocks new options in the carousel the second time around, including those that lead to the key. You can have only one instance of the key at a time, so if you use it and want another, you'll have to come back.

Mechanically, the rewards aren't that great: the various carousel actions pay out in small quantities of common items, and the reward at the end of a cycle is 1 x Extraordinary Implication and 1 x Sudden Insight. It is more valuable from a storytelling perspective, as you spend your time on the island getting to know a mysterious trio of sisters and exploring their strange home.

It's worth noting that if your Nightmares or Wounds reach 8 while on the island, the following storylets autofire:

For Scandal and Suspicion, no special events occur at level 8.


Options marked with Hunter's Insight are unlocked after the first cycle of the carousel.

Landing at Hunter's Keep sets Time Passing to 1. The carousel proper begins at Time Passing 3, which is the point it resets to at the end of a cycle. For most actions, success advances Time Passing by +2 CP, failure by +1 CP.

Leaving Hunter's Keep is an option available at any time from Time Passing 1. Doing so will reset your progress on the carousel, removing both Time Passing and Hunter's Insight.

Time Passing 0–1: Arriving at Hunter's Keep[edit]

These stages only occur when you first arrive at Hunter's Keep, and do not repeat when the carousel loops.

No Time Passing

Time Passing exactly 1
Storylet Option Challenge Success Failure
Go up to the house Knock at the door 111  11  +2  +1 

Time Passing 1+

Time Passing 2–9: The island and the sisters[edit]

Once you've made your introductions at the house, you are able to look around the grounds.

Time Passing 2–6
Storylet Option Challenge Success +2  Failure +1 
Investigate the gardens Explore that mysterious hollow 115  50 


Walk along the beach 117  +1  +1 
Exploring the island Walk around the garden for a while 110  +1 
Have a look in the boathouse 112  110  +2 

At Time Passing 3, you get the chance to spend more time with the sisters and explore the house itself. Notably, you can reduce Nightmares here by talking to Phoebe.

Time Passing 3–6
Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success +2  Failure +1 
Take high tea with the ladies Tell them about yourself 50  114  70  -50 
Talk to Phoebe Listen to her play the violin 115  +1  -1 
Listen to her sing 117  50  +1  -2  +1 
Talk to Lucy Talk to her 114  +1 
Ask her to take a stroll with you 116  116 
Talk to Cynthia Charm her 114  57  +1 
Swap stories with her 116  58 
Look Around the House What's on the ground floor? 112 
What's on the first floor? 113  +1  +1 
What's in the attic? 114  +1 

Time Passing 7 brings opportunities to learn more about the sisters and their home. There are also options here for those Associating with a Youthful Naturalist (see the Evolution Guide) and those who've just begun seeking things they shouldn't. You can reduce Wounds by talking to Lucy, or by trying the food on cycles with Hunter's Insight.

Time Passing 7–9
Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success +2  Failure +1 
Dine with the ladies Charm the ladies 122 
Try all the dishes 120  -2  +2  +1 
Examine the books Look for something significant 121  2  (Rare: 5 ) +1 
Search for a diary 122  +1 
Look for something cartographic 38  121  11 (Rare: 1 x ) +1 
Look more closely at the well Investigate 121  60 
Look directly into the well +2 (max 6)  +2  +2 
Find out more of Cynthia's story Try to cheer her up 119  +1  +1 
Talk to her seriously 121  10  +1 
Find out more of Phoebe's story Look for her in the parlour 118  59  +2 
Look for her in the garden 120  10 
Find out more of Lucy's story Talk to her 118  -1 
Bring her a little gift 120  70  +1 

Time Passing 9: The Stone Tentacle-Key[edit]

Finally, you get a chance to find out what's in the well. You have until Time Passing 10 to get the key, giving you 10 chances, which shouldn't be a problem.

Note that if you obtain the key one way or another, or if you Take your net to the well afterwards, Hunter's Insight resets, locking you out of the other options that open up at Time Passing 9. In this case, you'll only have access to the Time Passing 7–9 actions until you reach Time Passing 10.

Time Passing 9, with no Stone Tentacle-Key
Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Prepare to look down the well Equip yourself for a fishing expedition 123  70  30  +1 
Go to the well Fish in the well 120  reset  +1  +1 
What falls down the well? 120  100  reset  +2  +2  +1 
Time Passing 9, with a Stone Tentacle-Key
Storylet Option Requirement Challenge Success Failure
Prepare to find out what the well has to offer Prepare yourself 123 
Take your net to the well Trust Cynthia's advice 125  1000 (Rare: +40  +2 ), reset  +2 

Time Passing 10–13: Denouement[edit]

You join the sisters for a game of charades. What you guess determines which ending you get for this cycle of the carousel; the rewards are nearly identical, but each one reveals something about one of the sisters.

Time Passing exactly 10

Time Passing exactly 11

Time Passing exactly 12

Time Passing exactly 13

You can leave the island as soon as you have the Stone Tentacle-Key, or stick around to hear the rest of the sisters' stories. If you lose your key and want another, you can get a replacement on a future trip to Hunter's Keep.