Bet on Alonzo, Scourge of the Marshes

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From: A Night at the Spider Pits

He doesn't look like much. If a beer-mug fell on him, that would probably be it for the night. But they say his venom can burn holes in lead.

Unlocked with 30 x Piece of Rostygold

Challenge information

A matter of luck: The odds are strongly against you here (success chance: 20%)


The Scourge wins!

He may be small, but Alonzo's bite is deadly. Lesser combatants simply explode in a sparkling puff of sulphur, and even the gargantuan Millie is felled when the Scourge lands a bite. Alonzo is the champion!


No luck tonight

Disaster! A stray kick from a hairy foreleg sends little Alonzo spinning out of the ring and into a crowd of Clay Men. The Scourge of the Marshes narrowly avoids being accidentally stepped on.